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Xyvid Pro & Return on Investment

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Xyvid Pro creates a flawless, engaging experience for the event participant using best of class technology and a professional, meticulous production process. The Xyvid Pro viewer is a high-resolution, internet-based broadcast platform that requires no plug-ins. It is scalable to thousands of participants, has global reach, is proactively monitored (the participant experiences no disruption in their event experience) and is an affordable substitute to high-priced satellite broadcasting, without sacrificing any of the visual quality of the broadcast. Xyvid Pro can additionally get live speakers and slides on iOS devices.

Record and Archive Presentation

Xyvid Pro offers a first for the H.264 high resolution technology; the ability to record and archive a presentation for later viewing – including viewing on a mobile device. This means you can broadcast anytime, anyplace to any device and walk away with actionable market data that ultimately fills your pipeline – including leverage archives of a single event to show again and again to maximize your investment.

webcasting ROI

Xyvid’s great technology is backed up by the best in event service. Xyvid teams treat virtual events the same way they treat live events; by tracking, managing and executing every possible detail. And each event is proactively monitored by a technical support team that ensures perfect viewing experiences, often intercepting connection issues before they occur for a participant. This is truly extraordinary among broadcast providers.