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Try to Do Better Than a Goldfish When Reading This…

In Webcasting Articles, Webcasting News by David Kovalcik

The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds.  This falls just below that of the goldfish at 9 seconds.  The year is 2019 and companies, non-profits, media and even governments are all clamoring for attention and feedback (much like we are, right now).

On average, we check our inbox 30 times every hour and look at our phones 1,500 times each week, that’s 3+ hours every day!

Gone are the days when a cool PowerPoint presentation could keep your audience engaged.  Today, text-laden slides and monotone speakers are one-way tickets away from your webinar and straight to a kitten-with-string video.  Admit it, you’ve done it!

There are plenty of tricks to make your content and speakers more engaging.  But in order to captivate in 8 seconds or less, you can’t just think outside of the box, you need to kick the proverbial box to the curb.  Check out some of the ways you can use technology to keep your online audience focused on, and even participating in your program:

  1. Want to draw the eye?  Dynamically change your Blending live streaming and video creates a stunning, TV-like experience for your audience.
  2. How do you know what your audience is thinking?  Add a “Pulse” button to find out in real-time!
  3. Want a memorable take-away that audience members can keep after the program is over?  Have attendees contribute to a Word Cloud.
  4. Why show presenter information if it disappears immediately after speaking?  Display speaker bios multiple times throughout the presentation – and don’t forget to link to their email or LinkedIn profile!
  5. Want to make gathering feedback more fun?  Make your polling even more interactive with drag-and-drop responses.
  6. The best way to break up the presentation?  Nothing gets people’s attention like playing a game. Create teamwork and competition by showcasing the scores live during the event!
  7. Want to really encourage participation?  Hold an instant win contest with real prizes!  As the presenter, you can determine the winner(s) or randomly pick them from your online group.

These engaging methods are already in use by Fortune 100 companies, with new ideas being launched all the time.  The possibilities are endless, all it takes is imagination!

Knowing that your message resonates and rewarding those who are actively engaged will take your broadcast to the next level.  So, stop reading and contact XYVID now to learn more about the engagement revolution.  Before someone distracts you with another kitten video.