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Virtual Annual Meetings and Shareholder Forums

In Webcasting News by David Kovalcik

Annual meetings and shareholder forums often come with high cost and low participation. Many companies are now turning to video and audio webcasting technology as the best-practices solution for more effectively managing shareholder engagement while containing meeting costs. Webcasting technology enables your shareholders to attend meetings, vote, ask questions and answer surveys in a secure online environment.

Increase Engagement Using a Virtual Shareholder Forum

Virtual meetings/forums are an efficient way to boost shareholder participation without the expense and inconvenience of traveling. XYVID Pro makes a lot of sense for companies where shareholders rarely, if ever, show up at the live meeting. Financial institutions of all types are telling us that they see a significant financial benefit from the move to some form of virtual or hybrid meeting. XYVID Pro webcasting technologies assure effective communication and virtual meetings of shareholders result in significantly higher levels of participation.

Virtual shareholder forums are controlled online meetings for communicating with validated shareholders in an interactive forum dedicated exclusively to your company. Your executive team and board of directors can gather ideas, receive important feedback and make corporate governance more transparent.

  • Generate higher levels of shareholder interaction, engagement and understanding
  • Improve the shareholder’s ability to communicate directly with your company
  • Provide executive management and board of directors with valuable insights
  • Improve your investor outreach efforts by increasing the volume and type of shareholders involved, including retail shareholders
  • Gain the ability to enhance your shareholders’ experience throughout the year

How XYVID Pro Works: A Simple Viewing Experience for Your Shareholders

  • Shareholders receive a meeting invitation with an event registration url and instructions in their regular proxy mailings or via email
  • Shareholders can conveniently sign in and register from their home or office
  • A customizable meeting page delivers streaming audio or video of the meeting, and also allows shareholders to cast polls, enter questions and view additional company messages
  • Meeting registration pages can also include meeting overviews or welcome letters, speaker bios, call-in numbers or links to other shareholder materials