Streaming / Webcasting Events Versus Satellite

streaming webcasting

Webcasting – the distribution of live or on-demand media over the Internet using streaming technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers.

While radio and TV stations are the largest “webcasters,” the technology has become readily available and cost-effective for use in the corporate world. Specifically, it’s been a long-standing marketing outreach source in the pharmaceutical industry for providing national dinner meeting programs.

Even in the private sector, a shift is occurring from the traditional tethered connections to cable and satellite to the more economical and hands-on streaming devices. So, why is webcasting a better option than satellite for delivery of meetings, conferences, and corporate events? Let’s explore…

  • Cost Savings! First and foremost, cost is a huge benefit to utilizing a web streaming service over satellite. The expensive and expansive costs of satellite broadcasting continue to leave many clients with the task of justifying its use. For smaller companies, in particular, with simple sets and production resources, the exorbitant satellite costs threaten to eat into an annual marketing budget long before maximizing a target audience or presenting core messaging can even be discussed, let alone achieved. Often fees associated with securing a satellite platform and potential subscription fees charged to participants are cost prohibitive. The impact of such fees are even reason enough for large companies to seek an attractive technology alternative.

    Bottom line: Presentation delivery via the web (live or on-demand) is a more resourceful use of the budget for companies of all sizes. It also eliminates the need to secure a traditional meeting venue, as well as round-trip travel for attendees…yet another significant cost savings.

  • Flexibility! Once again the debate over tethering versus versatility and freedom to travel the country without ever leaving a base location is at hand. Satellite studio settings can create high travel expenses to get speakers on-set. Fixed locations often prove limiting – only utilizing those capable of specifically delivering satellite programs. Add the frustration of viewers and participants demanding mobility while viewing, and the result is a huge motivator to transition from satellite to webcasting.

    Bottom line: Eliminate high costs and subscription fees, cut the cords to inflexible delivery via satellite, and viewers and attendees will be able to participate in meeting and events from literally anywhere in the world. Even greater flexibility for message streaming is available thanks to numerous device options, such as TV, desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

  • Broader Audiences! Webcasting offers an endless reach, because all participants need is Internet access. For use in trainings, it’s invaluable to have everyone involved receiving the same training and information at the same time, which also ensures consistency. It’s an ideal option for product launches as well. Again, the reach is limitless, and all targeted media and audience see the product release simultaneously.

    Bottom line: Another principal benefit of webcasting is the ability to dramatically widen access to information and events.

  • Signal Quality! Satellite signals have the potential to be problematic as a result of weather and other external factors. There is the possibility of signal interruption during a presentation, without the ability to make real-time adjustments. Web broadcasts can be viewed across the country, at hundreds of remote locations simultaneously, with no technical issues. The technology is continuously monitored on the service end, ensuring viewers maintain a quality experience.

    Bottom line: There are a number of great companies providing webcasting and streaming services, but a company at the forefront of innovation and cost-effectiveness is Xyvid, Inc. Xyvid’s team of programmers and planners can provide studio procurement and management, technology for broadcasts, proactive tech support for the duration of events, and layers of viewing options – Xyvid is the only solution with the ability to deliver the same broadcast in Flash, HTML or through Second Screen at the same time.

Webcasting is already being utilized by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages. Depending upon the nature of your business, it can be an outstanding option to offer live training and product presentations to customers, partners and employees; for promotion and illustration of products and services; live announcements, host online meetings, or spread awareness about various events to promote your services or products. Connect with audiences through an interactive, engaging manner that also offers performance and creativity for participants.

Xyvid and it’s sister companies deliver precision virtual event broadcasting for the web. What that means for your business is a high-resolution, Internet based broadcast platform with quality equal to high-priced satellite broadcasting, but in an affordable package. Bottom line for viewers is a dynamic, interactive and engaging web broadcasting experience that is continually quality checked to maintain Xyvid’s performance standards and exceed expectations.

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