The Death of Flash

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It’s finally official. The Flash is dead, not the superhero red masked crime-fighter but a much more pervasive and powerful application that kept the web alive with graphics for over 10 years. Adobe has announced Flash will no longer be supported at the end of 2020. If you follow any tech news sites you probably have seen a headline for …

Promoting your next virtual event

Strategic Considerations for Promoting Your Next Virtual Event

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With only half of registrants likely making it to a live event, enlist your out-of-the box creative thinkers and consider these strategic tips for promoting your next virtual event. The result will be higher registrants, greater content retention and a highly successful ROI. Well organized pre-event messaging: Pre-planning for the event is key! Advance time (45-60 days out) is necessary …

audience engagement in virtual meetings

Audience Engagement At-a-Glance

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Every virtual event client will tell us they have a specific message delivery need. And every live webcast event can have different measurement of success. Fortunately we have an entire array of interactivity tools and approaches you can take to maximize content impact and retention success. Cutting-edge interactivity tools (designed for audience engagement excellence) means we can optimize your message …

streaming webcasting

Streaming / Webcasting Events Versus Satellite

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Webcasting – the distribution of live or on-demand media over the Internet using streaming technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. While radio and TV stations are the largest “webcasters,” the technology has become readily available and cost-effective for use in the corporate world. Specifically, it’s been a long-standing marketing outreach source in the pharmaceutical industry …

Audience Interaction: The Evolution of Xyvid’s Second Screen Experience

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In the corporate world, webcasting has slowly become a commodity. A few years back, Streaming Media Magazine conducted research revealing that 15 to 25 percent of firms looked to cut funding from their event planning departments in order to save money proving that live events are becoming too expensive to sustain1. Today, we’ve seen that number grow to more than …

return on investment with webcasting

Xyvid Pro & Return on Investment

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Xyvid Pro creates a flawless, engaging experience for the event participant using best of class technology and a professional, meticulous production process. The Xyvid Pro viewer is a high-resolution, internet-based broadcast platform that requires no plug-ins. It is scalable to thousands of participants, has global reach, is proactively monitored (the participant experiences no disruption in their event experience) and is …

Xyvid Web Broadcasting Features

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Our team of architects has developed a unique web-based player that displays multiple dynamic view states during live presentations. Our polling system includes drag and drop re-ordering and multiple answers in addition to traditional multiple choice polls, allowing you to ask more complex questions. Moderated Q&A allows you to talk with your audience. Our system allows your team to review …